Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Alright, that's it.
I can't take it anymore. 
This bitter cold weather is KILLING me.
I don't mind snow, or even a little cold front here and there...
but THIS is just ridiculous.
It has been so cold for days on end that now the once beautiful snow has turned into ice.
The other day while walking home from school, I biffed it… and hard.
Luckily, I only walked away with a few scrapes on my hand and tried my best to laugh it off.
Thank goodness for my warm puffy coat and my black leggings. 
It's gonna be a long winter. 


  1. I hear ya doll. I'm done.... Texas anyone? ;)

  2. seriously...i am already over this weather...weekend getaway?

  3. Oh my gosh! i totally agree! I usually don't mind the cold at this time of year, but it is SOOO cold this year! I can't take it either!