Monday, February 14, 2011


I love popsicles.
I love to take long showers and bubble baths.
I love to read a good book.
I love the sun.
I love to dance and sing.
I love to help others.
I love to learn.
I love to paint and be creative.
I love to organize and clean.
I love to go on scooter rides.

I love to cook.
I love to swim and be in water.
I love to play card games.
I love to people watch.
I love to travel.
I love to talk (sometimes too much).
I love to watch a good movie.
I love a good thunderstorm.
I love peonies.
I love the smell of rain.
I love to go for a good run.
I love to talk to friends and strangers.
I love to laugh.
I love to listen to French music.
I love the gospel.
I love Extra Peppermint gum.
I love to take pictures.
I love the Dallas Mavericks.
I love to try new things.
I love my family. 

I love clean laundry.
I love Lucky Charms.
I love all of my friends. 
I love to dream.
I love car washes.
I love to paint my nails.
I love diet coke with my Cafe Rio.
I love drives through the canyon.
I love to make 'to-do' lists.

I love to love.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Seriously love this post. And the Kate Spade love below. I just want to be you and may copy you.

    Love you Nik! Happy Vday.

  2. ...and I LOVE you! sorry we couldn't make getting together work while i was in town. it was kind of a whirlwind and spent most of the time letting my mom mush over the was her birthday afterall and all she really wanted was to see me kids...

    summer plans? where will you be?