Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big news...

Starting on June 6th, I'll be interning with Publicis New York!
(I took this picture when I was out there last fall... isn't New York amazing?)
I feel so blessed to have this opportunity, and thrilled I'll be out there with some good friends.
I could not be more excited to live in a big city again! 
Cheers for a great summer!


  1. Ahh! That is BIG NEWS! Congrats girl! You will totally be rockin' the NY scene...I am so happy for you! But I'm sad you won't be in Utah over the summer...Did you hear Jani is engaged?? We'll be in UT for the wedding the end of June. I'll miss ya but I will be thinking about you on your big adventure to the big apple!

  2. London last summer, and New York this summer. I am so jealous!!! You will have so much fun! You better post a lot when you are there! ;)

  3. yayyyyyy! I did see that you called... and I want to chat so soon! I'll give you a ring today! I'm so happy we will be here together for a bit. You are going to LOVE it here. Congrats my friend... love you!