Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1 Week Countdown!

After spending a fabulous 2 weeks at home, I am finally back in good ol' Utah.
It was so fun to see old friends again and to spend some time with the family. 
I was highly sad to leave such beautiful weather (with a few good summer thunderstorms) to cold, rainy weather here in Utah...
where is the sun!?

Now that I'm back to reality and I officially have 1 week until I will be embarking off to New York, it is time to get busy.
I'll be packing up my apartment and packing for New York all week, while still trying to relax and be with friends before I head out. 

It's been a fabulous spring, and although I will miss everyone, I am excited to get out to the big apple!
Hope everyone is having a great week! 
Love you all. 

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