Sunday, February 5, 2012

As of late...

With taking only a few "fun" classes this semester and working part-time on the side,
one might wonder what in the world I do with all my free time. 
Well... I wonder that same exact thing.

My days are usually spent going to spin/yoga in the wee hours of the morning, reading a good book in bed,
running errands (on a good day), planning for the future (jobs, etc..) and trying out new vegan
recipes at night while reminiscing with friends.

My life isn't much at the moment, but I'm enjoying this free time while it lasts.

Ps. Is anyone else excited that Valentine's Day is just around the corner??
I just love planning for this holiday and excited to celebrate it!
And of course, who could NOT love Krispy Kreme's Valentine donuts?
They are a great way to break a vegan diet :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!

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