Thursday, July 8, 2010

Glastonbury, Stourhead, and Bath.

So this week has been crazy busy with visiting and traveling to numerous sites. I will probably break it up into two posts so it isn't terribly long. 

Wednesday we went to Glastonbury, Stourhead, and Bath. Glastonbury had beautiful huge ruins of an old Christian cathedral. We climbed up a huge hill to the Tor, and I was so taken back by the amazing view that overlooked the whole town. I can see why Tolkien came here to get his inspiration for The Shire in LOTR. 

Stourhead was probably my favorite. It is filled with huge gardens that are seriously breathtaking. We didn't get to spend very much time here, but if I ever get a chance I would love to go back and spend a whole day admiring the gardens. The Temple of Apollo (which is pictured below) was in one of my favorite scenes of the new Pride and Prejudice where Darcy is proposing to Elizabeth. Being there made me want to watch the movie over and over again. 

After we went to Stourhead, we headed over to the quaint little town of Bath. If I ever lived in England, Bath is where I would live. There is so much history there, but it is also probably one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen. We toured the Roman Baths and went to the Bath Abbey. It was great!

It was a very long day, but completely worth every second!
(Thank you Laura for the pictures!)

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  1. love it all. you are very cute my dear. love you!